Pairings: Jean Grae and Beyoncé

I have to admit it, I like Beyoncé’s “Partition.” But the more I listen, I can’t help but be reminded of  an earlier song by Jean Grae, “Love Thirst.” I find it interesting the way each woman visually represents sexual fantasy. I love Grae’s gritty, New York City, back-of-the-taxi (in nun’s habit–I love it, lapsed Catholic that I am), the Taxi Driver nod, and Grae’s contrasting breathiness as she inhales before whispering…”so high…”. It’s dark, seedy, sexy–and strangely romantic.

Beyoncé’s fantasy takes us to a different place that I can also appreciate. The beat is hard driving. The lyrics are more explicit. The desires expressed are also different: “take all of me” and  “I just wanna be the kind of girl you like…” There’s a lot happening in Beyonce’s video, but fantasy often takes us in divergent territories. Thoughts?